Sunday, March 19, 2017

Some useful links for those about to rock ( in Finland ).

My published music has official copyright through Teosto . 

Here is a straight link to the page explaining its purpose: About Teosto!

Through these web pages artists, restaurants, bands etc. can inform this agency about their usage of Teosto controlled music, so that the original composer/writer can have something on his/hers daily bread. To claim income from your music, you need to be a Member.

I also have records published, and their user rights go through Nordisk Copyright Bureau: NCB  

In Finland, these services are used through Gramex

Publishing has been done through following companies:

Samsararecords ,  a small company providing publishing services with a small fee and located in Finland.

Music Kickup Distribution , somewhat larger establishment with free publishing plus additional services that can be acquired with some investments. Also originating from Finland.

So, keep on rocking...

And the same in Finnish...

Julkaistulla musiikillani on tekijänoikeudet kunnossa, kiitos Teosto . 

Teoston tarkoitus: Teostosta!

Näiden sivujen kautta artistit, ravintolat, bändit ja muu väki voivat ilmoittaa käyttämästään musiikista niin, että tekijät saavat jotain leivän päälle. Tekijöiden on syytä liittyä jäseneksi.

Levyjeni oikeuksista huolehtii Nordisk Copyright Bureau: NCB  

Suomessa oikeuksia hallinnoi Gramex

Levyni on julkaistu seuraavien toimijoiden avulla:

Samsararecords , Pieni yhtiö, nimellinen palkkio, toimii suomessa.

Music Kickup Distribution , isompi yhtiö, toimii maailmanlaajuisesti, ei peri palkkioita perusjulkaisusta, mutta tarjoaa maksullisia lisäpalveluita ja on nimestään huolimatta suomalainen.

Rokataan taas...

Thursday, October 20, 2016


What a great guy!

In my humble opinion though:

Have a nice rest of your life! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Compare Unimportant People

Two versions of Unimportant People. Different and alike. 

Which one would you prefer? 

First with Harri Pekkarinen: 

Unimportant People Original Version

Then with Risto Turpeinen and Harri Pekkarinen: 

Unimportant People Heavy Blues Version

All arrangements by:

Harri Pekkarinen

And all the others can be found at: 

My SoundCloud !

Enjoy what ever You find...

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sultans Of Swing

When we were young at 1980, we played this on The Brainles. Thanks to Ile, Jori and Harri, Pekka and I managed to remember how it was back then... A long time ago: Sultans Of Swing!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Far Beyond Of Shame

There is a land
Far Beyond Of Shame
You always find
Someone else to blame