Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mr. Bojangles

I am not a guitarist, so I hope You don't mind my mistakes. I sang and played Lady Jane and this Mr. Bojangles. Pictures are taken by my wife, and the ones in the middle are for the memory of our almost 16 year old dog Pyry, who passed away about a year ago for lung cancer. Our new dog Myrsky, is closing this slideshow. Let’s hope, he has at least as many years as Pyry ahead.

This song is played by many artists, of which I have heard the versions of Sammy Davis Jr. and Mr. Bob Dylan. As you can probably hear, I am a great fan of them both, but I am a bit more comfortable with the sound and attitude of Mr. Dylan.

Information about the composer Jerry Jeff Walker is found from Wikipedia and words are also found easily with Google. Again, I prefer the wording of Mr. Dylan of which I have used here.


  1. Hienoo, uppeeta, mahtavoo ! Tykkäsin...

    1. Heipparallaa! Kiitos kannustuksesta. Tässä vallan hämmentyy... :-)